What Your Drink Order Says About You

 When you’re at a bar with friends, mingling at happy hour or on a first date, your drink of choice can say a lot about you.  Notions or theories about your personality and style are sometimes made based on your choices— and sometimes that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For instance here are some broad, fun and possibly misguided assumptions that could be made based on your drink order: (so choose wisely) 



Fruity cocktail


            You are spontaneous and adventurous. You live in the moment, and that is why you don’t care about the awful hangover  (and a few added lbs) the sugary effects of your cocktail will produce in the morning.  You are soft and as sweet as the bay breeze you ordered.


Whiskey Ginger


You are independent and strong. You can hold your own, and your liquor. With opinions as steadfast as you are, you are unyielding. You possibly have an artsy flare and carry a journal filled with secret thoughts or song lyrics for your indie pop band. And even if you could win the arm wrestling match, you let him win any way ;-) 




You are classic and fashionable. You also probably watched Sex and The City at some point and firmly consider yourself a Carrie. You never complain when wearing heels and probably know the best stores to shop at online. Plus, you must have a steady hand because those glasses are made for spilling. Cheers to your inner Carrie Bradshaw! 


Gin and Tonic


You are easy going, but determined. You are either on a diet, or you prefer a bitter tasting drink. You probably have your life carefully planned and tend to be in control. You probably immediately replace your tights when they have holes and wake up early on Saturday morning to make it to an early Soul Cycle class. 




You are effervescent and vibrant. Also, you are probably at a restaurant that serves chips and salsa, because that’s when margaritas are best indulged. You love spicy foods, a good theme party, and know all the best happy hours.



You are laid back and down to earth. A guys girl. You can hang and watch the game or grab a burger and just shot the sh*t.  You always have exciting vacation stories and are up for new adventures. Zip-line anyone? 



You are sensitive and sophisticated.  You ambiance and classy places. You have great taste and offer the best advice. Your book and movie recommendations are always interesting, and never boring.  You prefer men with style and sophistication.